Personalised Gift Recording

Hi and thanks for visiting this page, an exciting new project and service, a new idea from us to you.  Have you anybody that has a special occasion coming up soon? Do they love Irish Ballad Folk And Rebel Music? At present some people cannot leave there home to go and buy a gift, or some people are just sick and tired of the same gifts, here is a new one for you.  How about a recorded personalised message from you and a song recorded especially for them from you. The copy of the song and message will be emailed to you.  The song is going to be recorded in a recording studio with top of the range Equipment. Luckily Richie has a Degree in Music Tech and Owns A studio At home which is how we can offer this service.  Social Isolation at its best :)

If you require any more info just ask us in the form below.  We will be happy to help!  Now lets hope we know the song you are looking for!!

Price: $30.00 Per Song

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