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  • Sep 23
    South Shore Irish Festival,  Boston
  • Sep 29
    Kirby's Brogue Inn,  Tralee
  • Oct 13
    Knightly's Bar,  Tralee
  • Oct 20
    Kitty O Sé's, 
  • Oct 27
    Knightlys Bar,  Tralee

St. Brendans Voyage

by Dreams of Freedom

Released 2013
Released 2013
An Irish ballad band who's energy and love for music has captured the hearts of people from all over the world. Listing to this album will give you a true authentic experience of what it might be like in an Irish Pub full of people enjoying "The Craic"
When our band got together we made a promise to ourselves that the number one aim is to entertain people and when they leave they would always remember the time they came to see us! That is still our aim today! Our music is lively, energetic and fun and that's the way its gonna stay! We hope after purchasing our album you will feel the energy and love we have for the music that we play! Any where we have sold this Album we get great feedback and that makes this job much more worthwhile and satisfying. If you buy this album we hope you enjoy it and we hope it inspires you to maybe come see us someday!


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